Bobby Okereke sees a Giants defense that’s ‘just going to take over'

June 11, 2024

Ellie Yukevich

 In a recent Q&A, linebacker Bobby Okereke shares his thoughts on the team, his players, and the upcoming season. Emphasizing the importance of the Giants' 100th anniversary season, Okereke says, "It’s a very important year, for our organization, for our front office, for our owners … an organization to just remind people the pride of the New York Giants."

Newcomer Devin Singletary has Okereke's endorsement. "He’s a pro’s pro", says Okereke. "He’s a good running back with a veteran presence, physical, patient, good vision. He’s going to be a great addition." Standing behind Dexter Lawrence, or 'Sexy Dexy', on a game day is something that Okereke finds helpful. "It makes my job a lot easier. He takes up two, three blocks at a time, allowing me to just go run and hit", says Okereke. 

Okereke is full of praise for the new defensive coordinator Shane Bowen. "Shane is an incredible defensive coordinator. He’s very smart, has a very bright football mind." Okereke is confident that Brian Burns can be a game-changer. "He’s an electric athlete, fast, physical, silky when he pass rushes. He can take over games." Okereke has high hopes for the first-round draft pick Malik Nabers, believing that his elite body control and great ball-tracking skills will inspire Daniel Jones and the rest of the offense.

 Okereke also has high praise for his teammates Micah McFadden, Tyler Nubin, and Deonte Banks, describing them as talented, energetic, and poised players with great potential. Speaking about Daniel Jones, Okereke expresses confidence. "He’s a great competitor and a down-to-earth guy. He’s close with the offensive guys and is a good leader." 

When asked about his own ability to handle the spotlight, Okereke simply says, "They call me 'Broadway Bobby'", describing his on-field mentality as "Dogmatic. Mentally, physically, and emotionally dominant."

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